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The invention and history of thread .

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

he First Thread

The invention of thread came about centuries of years ago, when civilization first began fabricating clothing out of animal skins and furs. A piece of tough skin that connects muscle to bone is known as sinew and other fibrous strips of animal skin were used to bond skins together to serve as protection from the elements. The use of fibers and many plants was be used in the same fashion that lead to the invention of thread.

The Improvement of Thread Over Time

Eirst Thread

Centuries ago people who grew and harvested plants were the first people to start utilizing plant fibers, and creating thread. The Egyptians discovered how different plants and animal fur could be used and mixed into the thread to produce different variations. of thread. Earlier civilization then learned how to turn animal wool into thread and yarn by spinning fibers together. which has became the basis of all thread manufacturing and is still used to develop thread for all types of sewing. including sewing machines such as Singer.

The Importance of Thread Throughout History

Thread has been used historically used to make clothing, shoes and other essential components as well as to adorn fabric especially true when spun from higher quality fibers. Royalty and the wealthy have used thread spun with gold to create fabrics and valuable tapestries that were worn or displayed as a status symbol. Thread, along with the fabrics, garments, and items made with it, became and has continued to be a critical part of every day living.

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