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What do they all have in common?...If, you think about it, it's simple to explain, they go hand in hand so I'll break it down from my perspective which I think absolutely makes sense.

Let me begin by saying that the choice is what you make it if you're willing, because I know a lot of people who have said that "NO WAY am I giving up meat for no one for nothing, NEVER that's not #healthy" that's all fine and dandy no fuss here, but at least make an attempt giving it up for ONLY one month which is #VEGANUARY2021. You'll be surprised that you are not the only one and you may go beyond 30 days with millions in support of your challenge then you can always say #beyond30daysvegan.


The Vegan diet #Veganism that requires you completely abstain from the consumption of any animal products, strictly plant products, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and grains are eaten and foods that are made from the same. It is much stricter than the vegetarian diet, which permits the use of animal products like milk and eggs.

It may sound a little far fetched but think about the millions of people and corporations that are already doing it. #Kelloggs, #heinz, #beyondmeat, #morningstarfarms,and #tabithabrown.


A simple explanation of what part T-shirts play in this dietary change is rationalized as a form of self expression, information and protests to a degree letting people that you come in contact with visualize your thought process without even uttering a single word.

It could be complimentary and also serve as an inspiration and a billboard for advise.

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